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Private Placement

Private Placement is the direct sale of debt or equity securities to a limited number of qualified individuals and or institutional investors, such as high net worth individuals, Insurance companies and Mutual Funds. Generally speaking, the proceeds of a private placement are used to finance growth initiatives, acquisitions, buyouts and general capital expenditures.

Senior Debt Private Placement
Senior note offerings range from $10 million to more than $500 million. Maturities from 3 to 30 years can be executed in the traditional private placement market, the bank syndication market, and the asset-backed market. M&T Investment Banking is able to offer the following senior debt instruments:
  • Investment Grade (NAIC 1 or 2) & Below Investment Grade Notes (NAIC 3 or 4)
  • Secured & Unsecured Transactions
  • Traditional (Best Efforts) as well as Underwritten

For more information on Senior Debt, please contact John Whalen at 410-244-3489 or via email at at jwhalen@mtb.com.

Mezzanine Capital
Mezzanine capital is typically arranged as a component of a comprehensive debt structure. Mezzanine financing is often accompanied by some combination of senior debt, and the issuance of common or preferred stock. Subordinated debt is available for 7 to 12 years or longer. The transaction size for a traditional private subordinated debt issuance can range from $5 million to $70 million or more. M&T Bank's alliance partner also underwrites Rule 144A and public high yield securities. Underwritten Rule 144A and public high yield financings typically range from $70 million to $500 million. M&T Investment Banking makes the following types of mezzanine capital available for private placement:
  • Subordinated Debt
  • Rule 144A and Public High Yield Subordinated Debt Underwritings Convertible Subordinated Debt
Private Equity
Private equity can be used to bolster balance sheet in support of growth goals, acquisition financing or corporate recapitalization to provide liquidity for existing shareholders. M&T Investment Banking can assist a potential private equity issuer in offering a control stake in a company or a minority interest, as circumstances warrant. In this process, M&T Investment Banking will identify the appropriate equity provider, considering the current ownership structure, corporate culture, and strategic and financial objectives.
Structured Financing
Structured financing helps companies achieve various financial objectives including off-balance sheet financing, lowering financial costs by monetizing or securitizing receivables, loans, leases, or long-term contracts, transferring tax-benefits that cannot be utilized efficiently, or credit risk sharing.

For more information on Mezzanine Capital, Private Equity or Structured Financing, please contact AnneMarie at 410-244-4875 or via email at aschovee@mtb.com.

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