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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is superior to other forms of mass marketing in that it allows you to reach your audience and speak to them, one-to-one. With mass media advertising (TV, radio, print) you reach a larger audience, but have no way of knowing if you are speaking to people who are interested in, receptive to, or even appropriate for your product or service. Direct Marketing is the only form of marketing that lets you pinpoint your audience at an extremely precise level and gives you measurable results. With Direct Marketing you have:

  • Targetability. You can precisely identify the audience that's appropriate for your message, and personalize/customize messages for each potential customer.
  • Efficiency. By marketing only to the target audience, you know that your advertising dollars are being directed to the people who are most likely to take advantage of your product or offer.
  • Flexibility. Mail/email your message at any time, using any format (postcard, letters, brochures, free samples, gift items, etc). Because direct marketing pieces can be prepared in a relatively short time, they can give you the competitive edge of surprise or the capacity to respond quickly to a competitor's effort. You can prepare and send a postcard in a matter of days. The choice is up to you and your budget.
  • Measurability/accountability. Know exactly how many pieces of mail or emails you sent, who received them, how much each piece costs to send, and how many responses you received. And because you can prove it works, it becomes its own justification. Whatever your business goals, Direct Marketing is a proven and cost effective way to help your business grow. Studies show that, on average, every dollar spent on Direct Marketing advertising brings in $10 in sales. And, consumers are receptive to Direct Marketing. Over 50% of recipients read it immediately and of those, 40% found the information they received useful.*

    *United State Postal Service, Direct Mail By the Numbers, 1999.

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