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M&T Bank

M&T Bank is a community-focused bank serving New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

More About M&T Bank

Founded in 1856, M&T Bank has grown to become one of the 20 largest U.S.-based commercial banks. M&T Bank and its affiliates provide banking, investments, insurance, and mortgage financial services to consumer, business, and government clients.

With M&T Bank being such a large institution, it requires a vast support division. That's where Banking Services comes in.

Banking Services

For both personal and business customers, Banking Services supports the bank's:

  • 750+ Domestic, Full-Service Branches

  • 1,800+ ATMs

  • Online and Mobile Services


M&T has always had a strong culture connecting us to a higher calling. We've pinpointed elements of our culture that we need to hold on to and identified new behaviors that will be key to our continued success. We call this our Purpose and Values.

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The more we demonstrate these behaviors, the more aligned we'll be and ultimately, the more productive we'll be. Only then can we truly deliver on our goals and create unique and memorable experiences for our customers and colleagues.

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Banking Services

The Banking Services Division serves as the primary back-office operation for M&T Bank, supporting all lines of business.

Banking Services Details

The Banking Services Division has 1,500+ employees located in Western New York, New York City, the Hudson Valley, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Banking Services supports more than 40 key functions, including check, wire transfer, loan processing, collateral management, credit card operations, project management, systems administration, account reconciliation, statement processing, risk management, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and Zelle & Real Time Payments.


Centers of Excellence

Think of Banking Services' Centers of Excellence as our different departments. Each of us works within one of these departments.

Banking Controls

Banking Controls provides reconciliation and research support, along with accounting expertise to a variety of lines of business. Other responsibilities include the reporting and remittance of cash to secondary market investors and sub-servicing partners.

The Risk Management team supports risk oversight for all of Banking Services and performs control testing to ensure effectiveness.

The Central Branch Operations team completes reconciliations of branch transactions.

Banking Services Support

Each Center of Excellence (COE) in Banking Services is tasked with a variety of projects, system enhancements, and process improvements that require additional resources to support and guide their efforts. Banking Services Support delivers the following for the entire Division:

  • Process improvements and automated solutions
  • Procedure documentation management
  • Project management and program support for divisional initiatives
  • Internal applications support
  • Systems administration for applications used throughout the Bank
  • A portfolio of divisional programs to promote employee engagement, on-boarding, communications, and leadership

Closing & Collateral

The Closing & Collateral team provides services associated with various loan products for a number of lines of business - Consumer, Residential Mortgage, Business Banking, Commercial, and Private Banking.

Collateral services relate to the assets securing an extension of credit or loan. Vehicles, real estate, and stocks are a couple of common examples of collateral. Closing refers to supporting a new or modified loan and includes activities such as document preparation, booking, funding, and post closing review.

Commercial Lending Operations

The primary role of Commercial Lending Operations is to provide operational support for lending instruments such as commercial loans, commercial leases, and letters of credit.

This team also provides customer service to our internal business partners as well as some regulatory and year-end reporting.

Commercial Lending Operations strives to deliver timely and accurate service to our internal business partners so they can, in turn, provide a positive customer experience.

Items Processing and Deposit Services

Item Processing and Deposit Services provides operational support to both our internal business partners and bank customers. Products supported include ATM, Cash, Consumer and Commercial Credit Card, Consumer and Commercial Deposit Accounts, Item Processing, Merchant, and VISA Debit. Key services include:

  • ATM and Branch Cash Management
  • Card Services Support (Dispute Processing, Maintenance, Merchant)
  • Customer Identification and Customer Due Diligence Support
  • Deposit Account Maintenance and Complex New Account Set-up
  • Document Management
  • IRA Services (New Accounts, Distributions)
  • Item Processing and Adjustments
  • Regulatory Support (Year-End, Government Mailings, Unclaimed Property)

NYC Commercial Real Estate

This team is responsible for supporting the New York City Commercial Real Estate loans, cashiering, and property loan administration.

Retail Loan Servicing

The Retail Loan Servicing team supports a variety of products including Mortgage Loans, Installment Loans, Business Installment Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Retail and Business Lines of Credit, and Direct and Indirect Automobile Loans.

They also support customers with a variety of services including credit bureau reporting, mortgage payments, escrow-related questions, customer support, and maintenance on accounts.

Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Services aids our customers in expediting the collection of deposits and distribution of payments so that they can maximize the return on funds and effectively manage corporate liquidity.

The payment channels they support allow timely, cost-effective, secure payments to be made through various electronic channels. Additionally, they support back-office functions to mitigate the risk of fraud.

They provide support to line of business partners by establishing customer requests for Treasury Management Services on our back-end system applications to ensure customers are service-ready in a timely fashion. Additionally, the team manages the fee application to ensure correct pricing is in place and fees are assessed for our services appropriately.

Treasury Operations

From a customer-facing perspective, the Treasury Operations team mainly interacts with large Commercial clients. Treasury Operations supports both the Treasury and Commercial divisions by facilitating the transactions required. Most of all, they ensure accurate, efficient support of their clients' trade processing, collateral management, and incoming or outgoing payment settlements.

Trust and Investment Services

The primary role of Trust and Investment Services is to provide operational support for Wilmington Trust Wealth and the Institutional Services Division. This support includes trade settlement, income collection, statement production, cash processing, and corporate reorganization processing for all trust clients.

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Revenue Generating Areas

In Banking Services, we support different areas that generate income for the bank.

Revenue Generating Areas

Which revenue generating areas of the bank are supported by which Banking Services COEs? M&T Bank has various departments that are here to serve our customers and the households within our footprint.

Let's look at the lines of business we support in Banking Services. The graphic below shows which of Banking Services' Centers of Excellence support each of our revenue generating areas. A dot signifies that the revenue generating area to the left is supported by the COE above.

Click the informational buttons below to learn about the various revenue generating areas of the bank and some examples of what each area supports.


Business Banking

Businesses like accountants, dental practices, law firms, etc.

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Commercial Banking

Large corperations

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

M&T Securities

Investments and insurance for the everyday "retail" customers.

yes yes yes

Retail and Consumer Banking

Customers and households that have checking/savings accounts, car loans, mortgages, personal loans, or credit cards

yes yes yes yes yes yes


Monitors the bank's assets and liabilities to ensure liquidity is stable. Information produced by Treasury is used throughout the bank to develop strategies surrounding new and existing products and services.

yes yes yes yes

Wealth and Institutional Services

Wealth advisory, trust, and retirement services

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
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There are many benefits associated with working in Banking Services at M&T Bank.

Associate Benefits

Let's look at a couple of benefits associated with working in Banking Services.

Banking Services created our development platform, AssociateOne, to ensure our associates have access to learning opportunities and tools to enhance their personal development.

Our hope is to engage our workforce throughout the entire employee lifecycle to energize you and help you succeed within Banking Services and M&T Bank.

AssociateOne covers an associate's journey through job recruitment, on-boarding, and development. In Banking Services, you'll have a training plan to help you acclimate to your role.

Once on-boarded, you'll work with your manager and utilize our Resource Center, which provides guidance on training, job shadowing opportunities, and helps you define your career path.

We are supportive of resource groups and volunteerism. Some of the resource groups our Senior Managers support include:

"I am very grateful that M&T offers all of their employees 40 hours of community service throughout the year. It gives everyone the opportunity to do something they are passionate about to help the community."

- Gunes Koksal, Item Processing and Deposit Services

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Thank you for your interest in the M&T Bank Banking Services division! We hope that you enjoyed this overview.

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