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Cash Vault Services
Does your company have high deposit dollars every work day?  Are you looking for extended same day deposit windows? If so, M&T Cash Vault Services are just what you need! Our Cash Vault Services can help meet the coin and currency needs of your business. There are many benefits to subscribing to M&T's Cash Vault Services:

Coin and Currency Processing - provides deposit services to clients depositing large volumes of coin and currency

Coin and Currency Furnishing - coin and currency orders can be placed by clients that require large volumes of cash to operate their businesses, such as grocery stores and retail outlets

Eliminate Risk - M&T uses an armored courier to deliver deposits to the cash vault processing site so your employees are no longer put at risk

Convenience - Allows location or store managers to focus on the day-to-day operations of a store

Monitor Cash Flow - M&T's automated ordering entry system allows you to order the required amount of funds to run your business

What can M&T Bank's Cash Vault Services do for you?

  • Enhance security for employees and deposits
  • Risk to your employees is virtually eliminated through transfer of deposits via armored courier
  • In addition, M&T Bank offers on-site client training in counterfeit detection and deposit processing security
  • Speed and simplify the ordering of coin and currency
  • Touch-tone phone ordering is available for Cash Vault Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • View your account information online with M&T's WebINFOCU$ balance reporting and transaction intiation service

Lockbox Services
M&T's Lockbox Service is the most efficient way to collect payments mailed to you. M&T picks up mail directly from the post office throughout the day, deposits the checks into your account and sends you deposit information so you can update your records. Nothing could be easier. Review M&T's current Lockbox Services.

Cash Concentration and Deposit Reconciliation
Using your telephone or PC, Cash Concentration lets you transfer funds electronically on a next-day basis from other banks to M&T.

Tracking deposits from multiple locations to a single DDA is simple with M&T's Deposit Reconciliation service. Available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, deposit reconciliation groups deposits by location number as encoded on the deposit ticket.

Zero Balance Accounts
Maintain centralized control over your cash, while allowing for the decentralized operation of individual accounts. Ensure fund flow between accounts in a manner that minimizes the risk of overdrafts and idle funds. Learn More

To find out more, please send us an email, call M&T's Commercial Service Team at 1-800-724-2240, or contact your M&T Relationship Manager.

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