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Payment Fraud

Help prevent your organization from becoming a victim of payment fraud
In the past, organizations could help protect themselves from payment fraud by using traditional accounting controls. However, in today’s business environment, a routine activity like opening an e-mail or visiting a website can leave your organization vulnerable to payment fraud. The danger of this type of fraud is that it’s subtle – and fast.

Fraudulent wire and ACH transfers can occur within days or even hours from the exposure. You may not even realize your organization’s account information has been compromised until it’s too late. For many organizations, recovery of any lost funds is often a long and cumbersome process that doesn’t guarantee reimbursement.

It is important that your organization perform periodic reviews of your risks and controls with respect to payment fraud.

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Commercial Accounts and Regulation E
Please be aware that commercial accounts are not covered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Regulation E.  Please refer to Regulation E Protections for more information.

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