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Our Pledge

Helping our customers achieve their financial objectives is what brings us to work each day; doing it honestly and transparently is how we've earned their trust – and we'll work to keep that trust every day.

We Will Work As Hard For Your Money As You Do.

We believe hard work results in prosperity. And the only way to make money is to earn it.

We Will Value Your Time And Your Money.

We'll do our best to make your banking experience easy, fast and simple. We'll earn your trust – and the right to help you manage your money.

We Will Never Be Too Big To Care.

We are a pretty big company, made up of pretty great people, but we're still a hometown bank at heart and that'll show in how we treat you.

We Will Make Our Community Better.

We believe that the vitality of our communities is vital to our success – and that when our customers and communities succeed, we all succeed.

We Will Strive To Do The Right Thing.

We believe our customers' goals should be at the forefront of everything we do. That's how we've stayed strong from more than 160 years.

We Will Be Straight With You.

We believe transparency and openness are the best ways to earn your trust.

We Will Seek To Understand What's Important To You.

We seek to understand what is important to our customers, clients and communities – because understanding you means we can provide the help and guidance you need.

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