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I've had a few employers. How does that change things?


Staying with the same boss for your entire career is so what your grandparents used to do. Now, it's pretty much normal to get a new job whenever you want. M&T Bank knows that you might join a new startup or get recruited for a new opportunity. And those shouldn't stop you from buying a house. While we're verifying income for your application, we'll just need to establish a timeline to make your income history clear.

We'll look at when you moved from job to job. Typically, there's no concern if your time between jobs is brief (that's life, right?). We'll also look at how your base pay has changed — if you received promotions and pay increases. Switching jobs is a good thing, not a downer to your application!

If you happen to work in a field where commissions or bonuses account for a significant part of your income, we might face challenges predicting your future income. You can help us through this by providing complete employment and earning history for income verification.