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What does M&T Bank review in an appraisal?


In addition to reviewing paperwork about your financial history and ability to fork over some dough for a monthly mortgage, M&T Bank also reviews your new home's appraisal. This is to make sure that the home is a good investment for you.

By analyzing factors of your property appraisal such as sales history in your area and the sales history of the property itself, we begin to understand the home's overall value as well as the neighborhood's potential. All those factors in property appraisals help us. We want to make sure the value of your home holds up in the long term. And you should, too.

If you decide to sell your home someday – whether that's in 24 months or 15 years – you want your home's value to increase. So do we. M&T Bank doesn't want homeowners “underwater," and that's why appraisals are so important.

After we've pre-approved you, we know how much you can afford and are confident you'll be able to pay for your home. The appraisal helps us make sure that, in the event that you decide to sell, you'll be able to find a buyer. It also lets you know what you're getting for your money.