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Closing Costs: When do I find out how much I need?


It's almost closing time — you've found the property, negotiated a sales price, documented your down payment, received approval for a loan and are set to sign the papers. Now all you need to know is the dollar amount – the final closing costs.

A few days before the big day, you'll get a detailed Closing Disclosure that breaks down the total closing costs from your loan officer. This gives you an opportunity to gather your funds together and also gives you the chance to confirm the details of your loan. You'll know the exact amount you need to bring to closing down to the penny.

Once you know the amount, get a cashier's check/money order, or request a wire of the funds; whatever the delivery form, it has to be something official with a paper trail. While it might sound like fun to bring a wad of Benjamins to your closing, we're kind of sticklers on this point.