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What do I need to show for dividends or interest income?


Typically, M&T Bank looks at two years of personal tax returns when we're verifying income. By reviewing income tax filings during the mortgage application process, we also get a peek at dividend and/or interest income that you've received. And if you're a total investment guru, then you should show it off. Knowing you're earning money through interest or dividends lets us know that you've probably got a plan for the future, too.

As we're verifying income, we'll likely need to review statements from your brokerage accounts, see stock certificates or see promissory notes. Before you apply for your loan, it might help to get these statements and/or documents compiled.

There's one thing, though: We need to know you're a long-term investor. For dividend or interest income to be considered in the mortgage qualification process, we'll need to prove that it will continue for at least three more years.