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I relocated with a new job. What does M&T Bank need?


Relocating for a new job is exciting — but also very stressful if you're buying a home at the same time. But just because you're new to your area, it doesn't mean you can't get a mortgage. In fact, the mortgage application process is pretty chill for people who are new to a city or a job. It just requires a little communication.

If you've still got the same boss, but just moved to a new city, complete your mortgage application like nothing's different, and enter the income you expect to receive at your new location. If you have an offer letter, that might help in the income verification process.

If you're working for a new company in a new city, complete your application and indicate you've worked for your new employer for a month. Then, provide information about your previous employer, and we'll use all that information while we're verifying income.