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Will my second job income be considered?


If you've waited tables, worked nights in building security or taken extra shifts to pay for your new home, you don't deserve red tape. M&T Bank knows what a pain it can be to work with lenders on income verification. It can be intimidating, especially after you've worked so hard to save from a second job. The good news is that, yes, second-job income is most definitely considered in the mortgage application process. You've just got to verify your employment.

Typically, verifying income comes from a few sources: Pay stubs, tax returns or W-2s. You know, official paperwork. Any of these sources can show us that you've earned the money, the duration of the employment, and also how long and what you might earn in the future.

The nature of some second jobs is more transitory whether it's seasonal or more subject to layoffs, so this might be considered in the mix, as well. If you fall into this category, just talk to your M&T Bank loan adviser and provide the supplemental documentation for verifying income.