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Mortgage Transfer FAQs – JPMorgan Chase

​Get answers to frequently asked questions about the transfer of your mortgage  to M&T. 




  • ​The servicing of your loan can be sold at any time. When M&T begins servicing your mortgage, we are required to service it in accordance with your loan documents.

  • The good news is that very little will change. Your interest rate and the number of payments remaining on your mortgage will stay the same. You will have a new payment mailing address, as well as a new toll-free customer service number: 1-866-791-0661. Please allow sufficient mailing time to ensure your payments are received by the 16th of the month. Any mortgage payment received after the 16th of the month is considered late and a fee will be charged.

    Your new payment mailing address is P.O. Box 62182, Baltimore, MD 21264-2182.

    Be sure to include your coupon with your payment.  If you’ve misplaced your coupon, write your new M&T mortgage account number, which can be found on your Welcome Letter, on your check.

    If you have misplaced your Welcome Letter, you can locate your new account number using the account lookup tool.

    If you are enrolled in M&T Online Banking, you can learn how to make a payment online.

  • ​​Please refer to the Welcome Kit that was mailed to you for complete details on the transfer of your mortgage to M&T. All payments and correspondence regarding your mortgage should be directed to M&T after the date of your transfer.

    Download a timeline of important dates and information (PDF) > about your mortgage transfer.

  • ​M&T Bank was established in 1856 as Manufacturers and Traders Bank. Today, we are a community-focused bank that provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and commercial financial services. As one of the 20 largest commercial bank holding companies in the United States, we continue to grow with a focus on the future.

    Learn More about M&T Bank >

  • ​M&T Bank has more than 775 branches located in New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, DC. We also have 1,800 ATMs and a variety of online and mobile banking services.

    Find Your Nearest Branch or ATM >

  • ​Your Welcome Kit contains valuable information about the change to M&T Bank. Be sure to read it for complete information about the transfer of the servicing of your mortgage and what you can expect during the transfer period.

    You can also download a timeline of important dates and information (PDF) about your mortgage transfer.

  • ​Your new M&T account number can be found on the Welcome Letter that was mailed to you. Look for it in the green box directly under your mailing address. If you have misplaced your Welcome Letter, you can locate your new account number by using the account lookup tool.

  • Yes, you will receive a monthly billing statement. You can expect to receive your first statement about two weeks after your loan has transferred to M&T.

    If you prefer to receive electronic statements rather than paper statements, you can enroll at onlinebanking.mtb.com to receive free electronic statements. If you have not already created a User ID and Passcode, you will need to do so by clicking on “Enroll Now.” If you are already enrolled in M&T Online Banking, access instructions on how to retrieve your statement.

  • ​M&T provides the following options for making your mortgage loan payments:

    • Online Payments: Visit onlinebanking.mtb.comDIS-221-DIS. This service will be available on June 10, 2019. Check your Welcome Kit for important dates related to the transfer of your mortgage. There is no fee for this service. If you have not already created a User ID and Passcode, you will need to do so by clicking on “Enroll Now.” Learn more about how to enroll in online bankingDIS-221-DIS.

      Note: you do not need an M&T Bank checking or savings account to make an online payment; you can use a checking or savings account at any financial institution. If you are already enrolled in M&T Online Banking, you can view instructions on how to make a payment online.
    • Payments by Mail:  P.O. Box 62182, Baltimore, MD 21264-2182. Be sure to include your coupon with your first payment to M&T. If you’ve misplaced your coupon, write your new M&T mortgage account number on your check. Payments should be made payable to M&T Bank.
    • Automatic Deduction: This service will transfer from JPMorgan Chase. However, there might be a slight delay in the drafting of your payment in June. Regularly scheduled drafts will resume in July.
    • Pay-by-Phone: 1-866-241-6014 (A nominal fee may be assessed for this service.)
    • Other Payment Options:  Pay in-person at any M&T branch at no charge.
  • Yes. Your prior servicer will forward the payment to M&T Bank and we will credit it to your loan. However, please note that 60 days after the transfer date, payments will no longer be forwarded. To ensure that your payment is properly applied and that you don’t incur a late fee, please begin mailing your payments to:
    M&T Bank
    P.O. Box 62182
    Baltimore, MD 21264-2182

    Payments should be made payable to M&T Bank.

  • ​Yes, however there might be a slight delay in the drafting of your first payment with M&T. If you were not previously enrolled in ACH and are interested in enrolling with M&T, click here to learn more about how to enroll in automatic payments.

  • ​Payments can be scheduled at any time as long as it is on or before the last day of your grace period.

  • ​Visit us online at onlinebanking.mtb.com beginning June 10, 2019. Simply create a User ID and Password at the site for full access.

    Learn How to Enroll in M&T Online Banking (PDF).

    Once you are registered for M&T Online Banking, you can enroll in automatic payment deductions - learn more about how to enroll. You can also sign up for electronic statements and learn about other services and features. Or call us at 1-800-724-2224, and we will assist you with enrollment  in Online Banking and automatic payment deduction. 

    If you prefer to have your payments drafted weekly or biweekly, you can enroll at https://www.mtb.com/achenroll

  • ​As the new servicer of your mortgage, we will review your escrow account to be sure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover any upcoming payments we are responsible for, such as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance payments. In some cases, the balance in an escrow account will be adjusted up or down based on the tax and insurance information that we have, which may change your monthly mortgage payment.

  • ​Normally, we review escrow payments once a year at the same time. Your account may be adjusted again as part of the annual review and then every 12 months thereafter. 

  • ​Your mortgage payment may have increased due to an increase in your taxes and/or insurance bill. The escrow portion of your payment is based on the last tax and/or insurance payment made from your escrow account prior to your analysis.

  • ​​If you had an escrow account with your prior servicer to pay your taxes and insurance, M&T Bank will continue to pay taxes and insurance on your behalf. We can assure you that the payment of property insurance and/or taxes will not be interrupted as a result of the transfer. If your insurance or taxes are paid from your escrow/impound account, and the bill is not paid prior to transfer, M&T will pay the tax bill.

  • ​An escrow shortage occurs when the funds in your escrow account at the time it is analyzed are less than what is needed to pay future tax and/or insurance payments.

  • ​Your escrow shortage is being collected over 12 months and is included in the escrow portion of your payment. If you prefer to pay your shortage in full, you can mail your payment using the coupon provided to the following address:
    M&T Bank Attn: Escrow Department
    PO Box 64787
    Baltimore, Maryland 21264-4787

    You can also pay this online at onlinebanking.mtb.com. Then choose the “Make Your Payment” option. You can change the number of payments to "0" to make an escrow only payment. Or call us at 1-866-791-0661.

  • Please mail your insurance bill to:

    M&T Bank
    PO Box 5738
    Springfield, Ohio 45501

    If your bill is due in fewer than 30 days, please have your insurance agent contact us today at 1-888-882-1847.

  • While most bills are paid electronically, you can mail your tax bill to:
    M&T Bank
    P.O. Box 23628
    Rochester, NY 14692

  • ​Since M&T Bank pays most tax bills using electronic information, you should contact your local tax office for a copy of your tax bill.

  • ​Please call our Tax Department at 1-866-406-0949 and provide the information to one of our representatives. They will document the necessary information so the bill can be paid as soon as possible.

  • ​​In January 2020, you will receive two mortgage interest statements. One from M&T for activity during the period of time in 2019 that M&T serviced your mortgage, and another from your prior servicer. You will need to include both mortgage activity statements when you file your 2019 return.

  • ​Please send in a copy of your orders to report for active duty to:
    M&T Bank
    Attention: SCRA Servicing
    PO Box 900
    Millsboro, DE 19966

  • ​Yes, starting June 10, 2019, please enroll at onlinebanking.mtb.com to access account information including your current loan balance, payment amount breakdown, and details on your escrow items (if applicable). If you have not already created a User ID and Passcode, you will need to do so by selecting Enroll Now. Once you have signed in, click on your mortgage account on the Account Summary page and navigate to My Mortgage InfoYou may need to expand your window to view the My Mortgage Info menu options.

    Learn How to Enroll in M&T Online Banking (PDF) >

  • ​If you have submitted an application for loss mitigation assistance, M&T will review your submission. Please be advised that M&T may request additional documents to complete the review of your application.

  • If you have submitted a complete loss mitigation application, but have not yet been approved, M&T will complete the loss mitigation review and send you the determination.

    If you were offered a modification and have accepted, or are currently making trial payments, M&T will honor the agreement you entered into with the prior servicer.

    If your account was modified prior to the transfer and all system changes were completed, the modification and terms will remain in effect.



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