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Merchant Support Directory

With 20 years of experience providing merchant support services, the quality of M&T’s team is second to none. Listed below is a collection of important support phone numbers.

M&T Bank

Phone Numbers
Commercial Service Team (CST) 1-800-724-7031
Chargeback Department 1-800-724-7031
Chargeback Department Fax 1-877-359-9853

Terminal Help Desks Phone Numbers
FDR Omaha 1-800-228-0210
FDR Nashville 1-800-647-3722
FDR North 1-800-365-1998
FDR Concord (Non-Petro Merchants) 1-800-733-3322
FDR Concord (Petro Merchants) 1-800-726-2629
TSYS 1-800-552-8227
Paymentech 1-800-782-1266

Other Help Desks Phone Numbers
First Data Global Gateway 1-888-477-3611
First Data Global Gateway E4 1-855-448-3493
Telecheck 1-800-733-1132
Valutec 1-888-381-8258


Supplies Phone Numbers
Cardware International 1-800-284-1313
POS Portal 1-800-264-1105

Card Associations Phone Numbers
Amex 1-800-528-5200


Authorizations Phone Numbers
Touchtone Telephone Processing (ETC-4 merchants only) 1-800-228-1111
Voice Authorization Only 1-800-228-1122
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