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Looking for a professionally managed investment account? Raise the green flag.

M&T Bank’s Portfolio Architect Conservative Strategy may be the right solution for you. It is a professionally-managed asset allocation solution that seeks to provide growth and income by investing in a diversified portfolio of stock and bond funds.

Designed for investors who are willing to accept some degree of risk to principal, including some degree of volatility, the Conservative Strategy provides you with ongoing management of your account assets by M&T Bank’s dedicated team of professionals.

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Why Asset Allocation? Asset allocation is based on a study finding that the mix of the types of classes of investments determines how volatile your portfolio will be. Different asset classes such as the Conservative Strategy's mix of domestic and international equities, domestic and international fixed income, global real assets (commodities and real estate), and cash and money market securities, react differently to changes in the financial markets and to broader economic conditions. If you diversify your investments across different asset classes, you may be able to limit, or offset, potential losses in one asset class with potential gains in another.

Portfolio Architect provides asset allocation in a dynamic, step-by-step process:


  1. Assessing Your Financial Needs
  2. Account Management and Monitoring
  3. Keeping You Informed

Portfolio Architect provides ongoing management of your assets by M&T Bank's dedicated team of professionals, eliminating the need for you to make multiple investment decisions in your account.

To learn if the Conservative Strategy or any one of M&T Bank’s seven other Portfolio Architect asset allocation strategies is right for you, call 1-800-724-9949 or contact us to schedule an appointment with an M&T Securities, Inc. Financial Consultant.

Investments: • Are NOT FDIC-Insured • Have NO Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value

The Conservative Strategy is for long-term investors. Account values will fluctuate based on market, economic, political and other influences, and accounts may lose value over time regardless of the amount of income they may generate. There is no guarantee that a Conservative Strategy will achieve its investment objectives or attain any particular performance level. An increase in interest rates may cause a decrease in the market values of fixed income securities. Equity prices are generally more volatile than fixed income prices. The prices of high yield (non-investment grade), international, and long-term fixed income securities are generally more volatile than the prices of investment grade, U.S. and short-term fixed income securities.
*Diversification and asset allocation do not assure a profit or protect against loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Portfolio Architect is an investment management account managed by M&T Bank and offered through M&T Securities. You must meet with an M&T Securities Financial Consultant, complete an investor profile and select a Portfolio Architect strategy, and execute a Portfolio Architect investment management agreement in order to open a Portfolio Architect account, M&T Bank’s emphasis on qualitative factors in the manager selection process is likely to result in MTB Funds, which are managed by a bank affiliate, being included in the Strategies. Brokerage services are offered by M&T Securities, Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC), not by M&T Bank. This communication is not an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a security.

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