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Enhanced Cash Solutions

For institutions seeking to maximize the return on their cash reserves while preserving principal, we provide customized short-term fixed income solutions called Enhanced Cash Strategies. Our Enhanced Cash Strategies are designed to increase yields using portfolios of separately managed securities with longer average weighted maturities than are available through money market mutual funds. Each enhanced cash account is tailored to a client’s needs based on the investment policy statement and cash flow forecasts. Our experienced portfolio managers structure maturities to the liquidity needs of each client.

Enhanced Cash Investment Objectives and Process
We have three investment objectives in managing Enhanced Cash Strategies:

  1. Seek preservation of principal
  2. Provide daily liquidity
  3. Seek increased total return relative to typical money market funds

Given these objectives, we implement a five-step investment process designed to meet each client’s specific investment objectives and liquidity requirements. Our portfolio managers employ an active, relative-value investment process with professional trade execution. Our process is well-defined and consistently executed, allowing us to offer clients an effective short-term fixed income investment solution.

State-of-the-Art, Web-Based Enhanced Cash Reporting
So that cash reserves can be accurately and efficiently monitored on a daily or monthly basis, we offer state-of-the-art, web-based reporting. This web-based reporting provides integrated accounting, risk, compliance, and performance reporting capabilities. Most information in the system can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheets or into PDF format. Live data can be accessed through the WTIA website without time-consuming implementation, data entry or processing.

Enhanced cash reports contain accounting information required to support the preparation and analysis of the following critical financial reports: balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, cash flow forecasts, portfolio holdings schedules (maturity, credit rating, coupon, etc.), and security detail schedules (call provisions, duration, and convexity).

Contact Us
Enhanced Cash investment management is an area of focus and expertise for WTIA. Call 1-800-878-0668 for more information about our Enhanced Cash Strategies.

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