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M&T's Investment Advisory Process

At M&T, we focus on balancing risk and reward when managing your investments. Whether you have a relatively small amount of investable assets or you have achieved a high net worth, we begin by defining an appropriate asset allocation strategy based on your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Given these considerations, we construct investment strategies designed to generate returns that align with your definition of risk and your goals and objectives.

Why is asset allocation important?
Asset allocation is based on the widely accepted premise that the type or class of investments owned is more important than market timing and individual stock or mutual fund selection. Asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents generally react differently to changes in the financial markets and to broader economic conditions. While diversification does not guarantee against a loss, you may offset losses in one asset class with potential gains in another by allocating assets across various asset classes.

What is M&T's investment advisory process?
Our process is anchored by a disciplined approach to asset allocation using both strategic and tactical asset allocation.

Our process is built on four key elements:

  • A forward-looking asset allocation approach
  • Maintaining a global perspective
  • A commitment to an open architecture philosophy
  • A rigorous and defined manager selection and monitoring process

Our insight into the cyclical movements of asset classes, and informed judgment regarding the future, enables us to develop an asset mix that is designed to provide competitive returns for a given level of risk.

How can I get started?
Depending on your needs and your asset levels, we offer two ways to access our investment advisory process:

  • Portfolio Architect — offered through an M&T Securities, Inc. financial consultant, located at your local M&T Bank branch
  • Investment Management Accounts — offered through wealth advisors and investment officers through Wilmington Trust's Wealth Advisory Services division

Portfolio Architect
Portfolio Architect is a long-term investment solution that consists of eight asset allocation strategies constructed to reflect different risk tolerances. We manage the investment vehicles within each strategy and adjust the strategies' asset allocations periodically based on our view of the markets. An M&T Securities, Inc. financial consultant will help you define your investment goals, and assist you in selecting a Portfolio Architect strategy. We rebalance your account quarterly to realign it with the allocations of your chosen strategy.

Learn more about Portfolio Architect
Ask an M&T Securities, Inc. financial consultant at your local M&T Bank branch or call Client Solutions at 1-800-724-9949.

Investment Management Accounts: For Clients with Substantial Assets
Our wealth advisors and investment officers are experienced in developing customized investment strategies to help you achieve your goals. Your dedicated investment manager will take a consultative approach to fully understand of your needs and objectives.

We consult with you to create a comprehensive Statement of Investment Guidelines aligned to specific risk tolerance, return expectations, tax considerations, liquidity requirements, time horizon, and other unique circumstances. These guidelines outline specific portfolio requirements including asset allocation, both strategic and tactical, security selection, portfolio rebalancing, and performance reporting.

Contact Us
Learn more about Wilmington Trust's investment management accounts. Call 1-800-878-0668 today to begin a conversation about investment strategies suited for you.

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