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Custom Card FAQs – Replacement Card Details

  1. Upon approval, when can I expect to receive my new custom card?
  2. Will my existing card work until my new custom card arrives?
  3. What if my card arrives looking different than the version that was displayed on the preview screen?
  4. My current card is close to its expiration date, how will that impact my custom design request?
  5. How can I replace my damaged custom card?
  6. What if my custom card is lost or stolen?
  7. What happens when my custom card expires and a replacement card is issued?
  8. Will I be charged for card replacements if my card has a custom design?
  9. Will my replacement card feature a chip like the one displayed in the M&T Custom Card Design Studio?
  10. Do merchants have to check my picture if I've selected an "Identify Yourself" card design?
  11. What if I'm ready for a design change and want a new custom card – how often can I change my design?
  12. What if I no longer wish to have a custom card?
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