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Account Basics: What you should know when making a withdrawal
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Funds may be withdrawn from your account in a variety of ways. It’s difficult to predict how quickly a check that you have written or a purchase you have made will be deducted from your account.  Regardless of the type of withdrawal, you should always make sure that there are sufficient available funds in your account to cover whatever withdrawal transactions you make. 

What you should know when making a withdrawal:Woman entering pin number at the ATM.

Record Transaction Icon

Record transactions Always keep your account register up to date to ensure you have sufficient available funds in
          your account to cover the transactions 
          you make.

Deduct Immediately IconDeduct immediately Always assume that a check you write, a payment you make online, or a purchase you make 
         with your debit card could be deducted 
         immediately from your account balance.

Processing Time IconAllow for processing time Remember that processing times vary based on 
         merchants and your form of payment. Some merchant transactions take longer to 
         process than others.

Automatic payments iconAutomatic payments Don’t forget about automatic bill payments, such as utility bills, gym memberships or insurance payments

  • Check your balance a few days prior to the scheduled transaction
  • Deduct the amount from your balance before making other purchases

Take charge iconTake charge Regardless of how you keep track, you are the only one who knows all the checks you have written and the purchases you have made at any given time. To ensure your account balance is always accurate, record those 
            checks and purchases right away.

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