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    • Why was my mortgage transferred to M&T?
    • When is this change effective?
    • What, if any changes can I expect to my mortgage or payment now that my mortgage is serviced by M&T Bank?
    • Who is M&T Bank?
    • Is there an M&T Branch in my area?
    • I received my M&T Welcome Kit. Now what?
    • What is my new mortgage account number with M&T Bank?
    • How can I make my payment to M&T Bank?
    • I already sent my payment to Bank of America Mortgage. Will my payment be forwarded to M&T Bank?
    • Will I receive a monthly billing statement?
    • Will my automatic payment deduction continue?
    • How can I re-enroll in automatic payment deduction?
    • What is the latest date my payment can be deducted?
    • How do I change the date I want my payment deducted?
    • Do I need to contact my insurance company?
    • I see in the timeline that a review of my Escrow Account will occur shortly. Why?
    • When will my escrow payment be reviewed next?
    • Why did my mortgage payment go up?
    • Will M&T Bank continue to pay my homeowners’ insurance and/or taxes?
    • I have an “escrow shortage.” What does that mean?
    • How will the escrow shortage be collected?
    • Where should I mail my insurance bill?
    • Where should I mail my tax bill?
    • Where can I get a copy of my tax bill?
    • What should I do if I have a supplemental or delinquent tax bill?
    • Who will send me my year end mortgage interest statement (IRS Form 1098)?
    • I may soon be called to active duty in the military. What do I need to do?
    • Can I review my account information online?
    • Will my modification transfer to my new servicer?

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