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My Mortgage Info Benefits

With M&T’s My Mortgage Info, you'll be able to view:

  • Current loan information including your principal balance, interest rate and breakdown of your mortgage payment (principal/interest and escrow). Customers with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) can even find out when their next interest rate adjustment will take place.

  • Loan activity for up to 24 months, or 50 transactions, including your tax and insurance escrow account activity and principal balance paydown.

  • Escrow account information including your current escrow account balance and scheduled tax and insurance payments. You can also find valuable information regarding your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) coverage.

  • Tax and mortgage interest information including taxes and interest paid last year.

  • Loan amortization schedule which can be viewed online or mailed to your home.*

  • Available loan documents review a list of loan documents you can order online - including your property appraisal and survey.*

  • View e-mails when a payment is received by M&T or when M&T pays a tax or insurance bill.

  • Online Statement/Bill receive an on-line copy of your monthly statement/bill.

  • Payoff Information  obtain your up-to-date payoff information*.

  • Automatic Payment sign up for your M&T mortgage to be automatically paid via automatic withdraw from your M&T Bank or non-M&T savings or checking account.

  • Personal Information ability to update your personal information online such as e-mail address, password, telephone and fax numbers.

*Certain fees may apply

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