M&T Bank : Direct Connect Frequently Asked Questions
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Direct Connect FAQs

  1. How do I delete a “new account” when getting the error message: “Cannot delete due to pending transactions”?
  2. How do I merge accounts?
  3. How do I restore backup files?
  4. Which versions of QuickBook and Quicken does Intuit support and what is compatible with M&T?
  5. How do I disable alerts and payment alerts? And would they be considered pending transactions?
  6. While “Reactivating Accounts”, I do not see “M&T Bank Direct Connect - NEW”. What do we need to do?
  7. How can I delete duplicate downloaded transactions faster than one at a time?
  8. The financial institution does not prefill in Quicken 2011 Deluxe and will not accept it when manually entered. Why is that?
  9. Why would balances be off (different) and how do I resolve them?
  10. Is Mac’s new Operating system, due out in the next few months, compatible with Quicken for Mac 2007 and previous versions?
  11. Does the Quicken for Mac Essentials product support Bill Pay?
  12. If I have other financial institutions do I need to delete or edit my vault?
  13. In Quicken when clicking "update/send", all holding items move. Some purchases such as gas or restaurants tips don't match the amount on the receipt. Will my Quicken register correct itself or will I have to manually do it?
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