M&T Bank : Frequently Asked Questions About Claiming Bradford Deposits
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Frequently Asked Questions About Claiming Bradford Deposits

  1. What accounts do I need to claim?
  2. Do I need to claim each of my accounts separately?
  3. I’m a joint holder on an account. If I claim my accounts, does that also claim the other joint holder's individual accounts?
  4. I claimed my individual accounts but I’m also one of these: signer for a corporation, LLC, trust, partnership or LLP account. Will that account also be claimed?
  5. What types of transactions will count as claiming my accounts?
  6. If I open up a new M&T deposit account, does that mean that my former Bradford accounts are claimed?
  7. I had a CD that matured on August 31 and I took no action. Have I claimed my account?
  8. Do I need to claim loans?
  9. To claim my accounts, can I send an e-mail as written notification?
  10. Is there a form I can use to claim my accounts?
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