M&T Bank : General Account Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked General Account Questions

  1. Will my account number change?
  2. Can I still use my Bradford checks?
  3. What will happen to my Direct Deposit?
  4. What about payments that are automatically taken out of my account each month?
  5. What is M&T’s routing number for direct deposit?
  6. What is M&T’s routing number for wire transfers?
  7. Can we use M&T ATMs?
  8. Will my ATM PIN number change?
  9. Can I change my PIN over the phone?
  10. Will my card number change?
  11. When can I start using my M&T card?
  12. Can I activate my card at an ATM?
  13. Can my business account also be linked to my consumer card?
  14. What accounts can I link to my M&T Card?
  15. Can I order a Ravens card?
  16. Will MoneyPass be available after conversion?
  17. What should I do with my Bradford card after conversion?
  18. When can I enroll in M&T Web Banking?
  19. Will I be able to view all of my account history online with M&T?
  20. Will my Bradford Bill Pay payees be available in M&T Web Banking?
  21. When is the last day I can access Bradford Online Banking?
  22. Does M&T offer online Bill Pay?
  23. How long can I continue to use Bradford Business Internet Banking?
  24. Will my former Bradford business account(s) be automatically set up for M&T Web Banking for Business?
  25. What is my User ID?
  26. What is my Passcode?
  27. How do I download information into QuickBooks or Quicken versions 2005 or newer?
  28. When can I use M&T Web Banking for Business Online Bill Pay?
  29. Where can I find information about account activity that took place on or before September 25, 2009?
  30. What about ACH or Wire Transfers in Business Internet Banking?
  31. Does M&T offer electronic statements?
  32. What about my account statements?
  33. Will I receive an account statement for my CD accounts?
  34. Will my CD terms remain the same?
  35. Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?
  36. Will I continue to have both my overdraft line and my savings/money market account linked to my checking account?
  37. I have a Home Equity (or installment loan) with Bradford, will my interest rate change?
  38. I have a Home Equity (or installment loan) with Bradford, will my payment date change?
  39. Is my Home Equity Line of Credit still linked to my debit card?
  40. Will I continue to receive a monthly billing statement for my Bradford installment loan account?
  41. What happens if a former Bradford customer had a loan in process that had not closed or a line of credit that was not fully funded?
  42. Will my Bradford Credit Card transfer to M&T?
  43. When will I be able to make my mortgage payments?
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