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Communities Spotlight

Here’s to all the amazing and important communities our customers belong to. What you’re doing matters.

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Partnering for Change in the Communities We Serve
$34.9 million
in local grants
branches supporting our communities
employee volunteer hours


Time is our most valuable asset.

When it comes to giving back, we prefer sharing our time with the people in our community. Our employees receive 40 hours of volunteer time to share with the organizations that speak to them.

The possibilites are endless when your ambitions are our ambitions.


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Take a look at the work we've done. Soccer Shots https://watch-mtb.com/embed?id=3b3c7918-0f04-4f3e-9798-cca17d597245 /content/dam/mtb-web/images/brand-videos/Thumbnail_Soccer_Shots.jpg 1
Take a look at the work we've done. Easterseals https://watch-mtb.com/embed?id=4e93e9a2-b7a0-44ff-8866-3ada6a0e39eb /content/dam/mtb-web/images/brand-videos/thumnail_easterseals.jpg 2
Take a look at the work we've done. The Shed https://watch-mtb.com/embed?id=69e6d911-5ba9-49cb-9975-e85656bd9272 /content/dam/mtb-web/images/brand-videos/thumbnail_theshed.jpg 3
Take a look at the work we've done. Baltimore Leadership School
for Young Women
https://watch-mtb.com/embed?id=e60b5fcc-308a-4d9f-acaf-71ac029edb84 /content/dam/mtb-web/images/brand-videos/thumbnail_baltimore.jpg 4
Take a look at the work we've done. Pride Mural https://watch-mtb.com/embed?id=6ed8ca43-5652-4d21-9c91-beb8223e020b /content/dam/mtb-web/images/brand-videos/thumbnail_pridemural.jpg 5