Celebrating Disability Pride Month

At M&T Bank, putting people first is essential to everything we do. We recognize Disability Pride Month is a time when we celebrate individuals embracing their disabilities as an integral part of who they are.

Disability does not mean inability

While Disability Pride Month inspires us to celebrate people with disabilities, unfortunately they are often stereotyped, labeled, and discriminated against because of the perception of what they cannot do.  

Let’s look closer at some beliefs of people with disabilities: 


People with disabilities are dependent on others.


Wheelchair users are confined to their chairs.


People who are deaf cannot speak. 


Children should never ask about a disability.


Living with a disability is brave.

Understanding leads to valuing

Often times, people mean well, but just don’t know how to interact. To treat a person with disabilities respectfully, put the person before the disability. 

Things to consider:


Person who uses a wheelchair

Do not use:

Confined or restricted to a wheelchair


Person with a disability

Do not use:

Disabled, handicapped


Accessible parking or bathroom

Do not use:

Handicapped parking or bathroom


Person without a disability

Do not use:

Normal person, healthy person


Person who is successful, productive

Do not use:

Has overcome his/her disability, is courageous

Every person is unique! If you are unsure, ask the person his or her preference. 

Hear from our employees celebrating Disability Pride Month

Women smiling

Deb Sparrow

Retail Administrative Assistant

"Disability Pride Month is important to me, because it offers me a space to feel empowered by my disability, rather than burdened by it.  I can look at the past 30 years of my life and feel proud knowing what I have overcome, and the strength it took to get here."


Man sitting at a desk with his arm crossed

Frederick Caribardi

Property Manager

"I am a member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). Disability Pride Month, I am proud to be associated with, It gives those who have faced trials more than the average person, to overcome and accomplish whatever goals it is they have set out to do. Most importantly to sustain their positive self-worth in their own personal life and society."

Celebrating companies who make a difference

Cradle Beach logo

Cradle Beach

Located in Angola, NY,  Cradle Beach was founded in 1888 as a fresh air mission to help families and children in Buffalo battling disease. Now, Cradle Beach offers year-round respite programs for people with disabilities aged 8-88. Simultaneously, Cradle Beach hosts an inclusive summer camp for children with and without disabilities to build long lasting friendships together.

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