Boost your business by branding your own gift cards

Offering gift cards as a payment option can lead to higher sales.

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Gift cards can help generate new revenue

Gift cards could be an important feature to sell at your business, now more than ever. Consumers report that gift cards remain the most requested gift according to the National Retail Foundation.{{d472*}}  And when gift cards are received, consumers are likely to spend an average of $31.75 more than the value of the gift card.{{d567*}}

Put simply, branded gift cards can be very good for business. They’re a smart marketing tool with multiple benefits.

  • Promote your business to new customers
  • Increase traffic in your store or on your website
  • Reward loyal customers, encouraging them to spread the word about your business
  • Potentially increase average sales

M&T makes launching a gift card program easy.

  • Gift Card Processing. Process cards with an integrated POS, terminal or virtual terminal
  • Gift Card Production services. Choose from custom branded or pre-designed cards
  • Customizable Card Settings. Set parameters for your cards
  • Gift Card Transaction Types. Accommodate a wide range of transaction types from activation, to redemption, reload, and more
  • Pre-Authorization. Support tip adjustments
  • Gift Card Management. Control card usage and mitigate fraud
  • Virtual Card Parameters. Establish virtual cards for online sales
  • Robust Gift Card Reporting. Gain valuable insight into gift card sales, usage, transactions, and more
  • Multi-Store ACH and Cross-Store Reconciliation. Easily reconcile sales between business locations
  • Fulfillment Services. Set up card fulfillment services to send cards to stores or consumers on your behalf

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A Merchant Services Business Consultant will contact you within 24 hours.