Invested in your success

M&T Bank is proudly committed to supporting Black entrepreneurs in the communities that we serve.

The resources to back your dreams

M&T has the resources to help entrepreneurs of multicultural and diverse communities with lending, planning, cybersecurity and more. As you take on the risk of starting a business and pursuing your dreams, we’ve got your back. While we offer a variety of business loans for Black men/women, we’re more than just a lender. Our team of specialists can help you with everything from putting yourself in the best position for loan approval to helping your company combat fraud. From guidance on the best resources for creating a business plan to recommendations for your best point-of-sale system after your multicultural and diverse-owned business opens, we’re here for you.

Planning for your success

To secure funding for your business, you need a business plan. Lenders want to see the potential for borrowers to repay their loans. Investors want to see a path to profitability. And administrators for business grants for Black men/women want to see that an applicant is qualified. More than that, a business plan gives you a complete map for where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. It is the backbone of your business’s success. We’ll guide you to the resources needed to create an effective business plan that shows you’ve got an actionable idea.

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Multicultural-Owned Entrepreneurs

Our resources can help you make sure you get the support and financial products that are right for your business. Learn more about minority-owned business entrepreneurs.

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M&T’s Business Banking Specialists are ready to offer you support at any stage of your business. Get to know the advantages of being an M&T Business Banking client. 

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