Build brand awareness by sharing your story

M&T can help you understand strategies to market your woman owned business.

Should you market that you’re a woman-owned business?

Small businesses often benefit from telling their story of differentiation. Certain customers may gravitate towards businesses that have a story that is familiar to or resonates with them as something different. As women are a minority in business entrepreneurship, marketing your business as woman-owned could help you stand apart from the competition.

Each business is unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all plans for success. M&T has the experience and resources to help you make sound decisions in your marketing strategy. We’ll take the time to understand your business and help you find a path to success.

Choosing the right marketing channels

Effective marketing involves bringing your message directly to your current and prospective customers or clients rather than passively waiting for them to find you. But not all people consume messaging the same way. Identifying which channels reach your targets is the key.

Your woman-owned business has so many marketing channels available to it. Research, and even experimenting, can help you find where you should put your resources. A content-rich website gives your brand a home base. Email and text messaging are great for promoting your business, telling your story, driving website traffic and collecting subscribers. Social media often works well for short-form content and videos. There are small business marketing tools that can help you manage multiple channels at once, and M&T understands how this impacts your bottom line.

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