Accelerate your payables processing with M&T. We can help you manage your payments, reduce expenses, and eliminate time-intensive manual processing.

In This Section

  • Account Reconciliation Services >  Choose from our full, partial or deposit account reconciliation options – and enjoy the efficiency and potential cost savings of internal bookkeeping expenses.
  • Automated Check Payments >  Find out how signing up for automated check payments can help reduce your company's paper and postage costs, among other valuable benefits.
  • M&T BizPay >  Manage and pay expenses through Online Banking for Business with electronic payments.
  • Controlled Disbursement Service >  Accurately forecast your cash flow and maximize your working capital by receiving daily notifications of the checks and ACH payments clearing your account each day.
  • Real-Time Payments >  Learn more about Real-Time Payments and how they can benefit your company’s bottom line.