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Enroll in Online and Mobile Banking.

M&T Online and Mobile Banking gives you fast, easy and convenient access to your EZChoice Checking account.

You can:
  • View balance and transaction details
  • Monitor your account with M&T Alerts
  • Receive electronic statements
  • Send payments with M&T Online and Mobile Bill Pay1
  • Transfer funds
Get the M&T Mobile App to manage your account on the go, deposit checks and more.
Android™ OS
version 4.0.3 and later
iPhone iOS®
version 8 and later

Deposit Cash or Checks.

Direct Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the bank by having recurring automatic deposits credited to your account.

Want to enroll in direct deposit at work? Complete this short form and submit it to your payroll department.

Receive social security or other supplemental income?

Enroll in direct deposit online.
ATM and In-Branch Deposits

Visit any of our 700 branches or 1,800 ATMs to deposit cash or checks.

Cash Transfers

It's simple to transfer funds from another checking or savings account into your EZChoice Checking account. Just enroll in Online or Mobile Banking to get started.

Activate Your Card.

When your new M&T Debit Card arrives in the mail, activate it by calling the number shown on the sticker or by visiting any M&T ATM. Once the card is activated, remove the sticker and sign the signature panel on the back.

Save on Fees.

Monthly Maintenance Fees

With your EZChoice Checking account, there's no monthly maintenance charge2 - regardless of your balance or number of transactions.

Overdraft Fees

Set up overdraft protection by linking your EZChoice Checking account to an M&T Overdraft Line of Credit, Savings Account or Credit Card. If you don't have enough money in your account to make a purchase, we'll automatically transfer the funds you need for a small fee. Plus, you can block your account from withdrawing cash or making debit purchases when your balance won't cover them.

ATM Fees

It's free to withdraw cash or check your balance at any M&T ATM in the United States.