What do Scandoval and the Four Seasons Orlando Baby have in common? They’re both examples of pop culture, of course!

Love it or hate it, pop culture has become a pillar of society as we know it. Whether it’s a nail-biting end to a football game or meme that’s taken over social media, people worldwide love having something new and interesting to talk about. And while pop culture might not seem relevant to you or your business, it certainly can be – so long as you strike while the iron is hot.

Stay on top of social media trends

Social media is the perfect place for your small business to dive into all things pop culture and capture the attention of customers. TikTok trends and funny memes might not seem relevant to your business offerings – but with a little creative thinking, you’ll be able to craft a post that could get you some serious engagement. If you need a little inspiration, look to bigger brands! Dairy Queen’s Instagram page is full of memes and reels that are both culturally relevant and true to their product.

Offer products that really pop

As long as you aren’t infringing on an existing trademark, you might consider offering products that lean into what’s popular right now. Take M&T Spotlight Shop, Flavor Cupcakery, for instance. In honor of Star Wars Day on May 4, they offered a lineup of delicious cupcakes that looked to have come from a galaxy far, far away.

Host an event that’ll connect your community

Themed events have become ever-so popular for bars, restaurants and even retail businesses. They can be a great way for you to tap into pop culture while bringing your customers together over a common interest. For example, host a watch party for the season finale of a beloved reality TV show or a themed DJ night to get the community hyped for a big-name band who’s coming to town. You could even collaborate with other small businesses or vendors by having them offer their products or services at your event. How fun does that sound?

What’s better than a sale? A themed sale.

Customers will typically expect sales around holidays or the changing of the seasons, but a sale that’s relevant to pop culture could really pique their interest. Think about current and upcoming events and how they could translate to an exciting promotion. The Summer Olympics, for instance, could offer a unique opportunity for your small retail business (and for your customers to stock up on items to show off their patriotic side). Offering a discount on red, white, and blue items will give customers the chance to look through your range of products and possibly bring home the gold (something they absolutely love).

Because pop culture spans across so many forms of media, there are truly endless opportunities for you to use it to leverage your business. As long as you’re strategic in the ways you use it (and when you use it), you can create excitement among your customers and gain attention that could create a wider impact across your community.

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