A few years ago, M&T Bank rolled out our Small Business Spotlight Shop – a hub to discover new small businesses near and far, hear their stories and shop their products and services. This year, the shop has done a lot of incredible stuff, so in true Spotlight-wrapped fashion we wanted to feature the most memorable moments.

In 2022, the physical Spotlight Shop made a comeback.


And it loovveedd popping up in public. That’s right, M&T brought back the physical Spotlight Shop with a fresh new design! From boardwalks to city streets, pulling up with a small business feature inside turned tons of heads and stopped so many in their tracks. The surprise and delight of shopping small in an unconventional spot was for sure a highlight of our year.

Small businesses sure shined on social

Social media, blogs, influencer features and press releases are all great ways to capture a wider audience. We press releases are all great ways to capture a wider audience. We posted hundreds of pieces of content over the year to get people from all over the world curious about what our Spotlight Shop businesses were up to. Check some of them out on our Instagram.

We had lights, we had cameras and we showed small businesses in action.

Speaking of social, we filmed more than a dozen short videos of small businesses across New York and New Jersey. Have a watch! And don’t worry, our cameras are headed into more communities soon.

Of course, we can’t forget all the online shopping we did.

Who doesn't love online shopping? The virtual Spotlight Shop allows people to shop small from all over the country. From spirited sporting gear to the best baked goods you've ever tasted, simply type in your zip code and find small business treasures in your town, or explore what's out there across the US. We’re expecting a cinnamon bun order from Virginia to show up any minute now.

Finally, we toasted to this year’s Spotlight Shop with some holiday spirit.

Small businesses are what make our neighborhoods unique. So, it just makes sense that the most unique gifts come from them too, right? In preparation for the holidays, M&T folks from all walks of life did a scan through all our small business Spotlight Shop partners to put the perfect presents into one gift guide. Check it out!

And that’s a wrap!

The Spotlight Shop has accomplished more than ever this year and we’re so thankful for the small businesses and communities that have supported it. Feel free to DM us at @mandt­­­_spotlightshop or visit to get your business involved.

Happy Holidays small business supporters, we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!





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