Industries and markets have never undergone as much change as they have in the past 18 months. Key business trends revolve around tech and consumer behavior and so does security and fraud. Organizations still need to look ahead and be ready for what’s next in order to better protect against fraud and enhance cyber security.

Recently, M&T Bank invited Aite-Novarica Group’s Head of Risk Insights, Julie Conroy, and Strategic Advisor, Trace Fooshee to share expert industry perspectives on advancements in attack methods and cyber security.

This session included fresh research on the following best practices for protecting your business:

  • Business e-mail compromise
  • Ransomware
  • Account takeover
  • E-commerce fraud
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“It’s very difficult for many who haven’t experienced an attack to imagine that it could happen to them. In other cases, they may think, “Well, fraud’s still a fairly rare occurrence.” But, the evidence that that will hold true forever is vanishingly small. ”

– Trace Fooshee, Strategic Advisor on Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering, Aite Novarica