Be the first to know with M&T Alerts.

Help protect your account with timely updates about spending, security and other activities that impact your money{{d204*}}.  

Save Your Time

Save your time

Get info about your balance, withdrawals and deposits in the moment.

Plan for the future

Plan for the future

Gauge spending and saving based on regular account activity, so you know what to expect.

Prevent overdraft fees

Prevent overdraft fees

Track your balance and help prevent overdrafts with timely alerts  when your account is low.

Defend against fraud

Defend against fraud

Monitor transactions or PIN changes and count on M&T Assurance to help protect you against fraud.

M&T Alerts help you respond in the moment. {{d9*}}

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Validate suspicious activity via text to your device 

Respond back to let us know whether or not it was you who conducted the transaction

Temporarily lock your card while you research with the ability to unlock it again if and when you're ready

Report your card lost/stolen if needed

Choose options that make managing your accounts easy.

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Choose how often you want to receive alerts.

phone with warning triangle

Select email, text or app notification.

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Set the type of alerts you receive.


Improving your financial understanding.

Set personal playlists for your unique situation and get step-by-step guides and advice for how to save for college, a house, your business or retirement. 

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Keeping your information secure is important.

secure browsing

Secure Browsing

Look for a lock next to our web address and "https" at the beginning of our web address to indicate secure pages displaying your sensitive customer information. 

personal information

Personal Information

M&T Bank never requests your personal information through email, U.S. mail or phone unless you initate contact or we are completing an application for you.

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M&T Bank will never send you an email requesting your credentials or personal information. If you receive this type of email, please forward to

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