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M&T Debit Cards showing three custom designs: a tulip flower garden, peaccock and pet photo.

M&T Custom Card Image & Upload Guidelines

​​Follow these guidelines when choosing and uploading a personalized image to the M&T Custom Card Design Studio.​​​

Design Your Card_



​​​​​​​Image Guidelines

M&T Bank reserves the right and retains sole discretion to determine whether to approve or reject any image you submit for approval through the M&T Custom Card Design Studio​. Certain types o​f images are unacceptable to M&T Bank and Visa® and may not be allowed.

​​To help you choose a personalized image that will be approved, please review the guidelines below.

​Non-Qualifying Image Types

Images​ will be rejected based on the following criteria. Please note that this is a general list, and each image will be reviewed separately.

  • Any trademarks, servicemarks or trade dress (including, but not limited to, product packaging and design) that you do not have the right to use on your Custom Card, including, but not limited to, the name, abbreviation, acronym, logo, image, slogan, branding, product or other identifying trademarks of any third party (including any other bank, credit union, financial institution or card company)
    • ​M&T Business Debit and Credit Card limited logo usage: On an exception basis, company logos that appear to be owned by the business (with a deposit account linked to your card) may be permitted. Additional information may be requested to verify that the business logo usage is acceptable
  • Team logos or other content relating to any collegiate or professional sports team or sporting event (including the Olympic Games)
  • Advertising, marketing or promotional material of any kind that you do not have the right to use on your Custom Card
  • Any copyrighted materials that you do not have the right to use on your Custom Card including, but not limited to, professional photography, content downloaded from the Internet, performance art, motion pictures, broadcast materials, graphics, sculptures, artwork, literary work, cartoon characters or other works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium
  • Images featuring individuals other than yourself, unless you have express written consent by the individual for use on your Custom Card
  • Any form of provocative, lewd, sexually explicit or obscene content
  • Nude or semi-nude people (including any images containing children in any form of undress)
  • Profanity or obscenities (including obscene gestures)
  • Content displaying people conducting or involving themselves in criminal or illegal activities or otherwise inappropriate behavior
  • Content displaying names, descriptions or images of controlled substances including, but not limited to, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Firearms, weapons or ammunition
  • Images portraying human or animal violence, cruelty, death, dying, blood or guts
  • Content displaying human or animal fecal or urine matter
  • Socially or culturally insensitive materials
  • Any statements or symbols demonstrating the views and/or opinions of political or religious groups or other controversial subject matter
  • Content or images portraying antisocial and socially unacceptable groups (e.g., cults, gangs, supremacy organizations, etc.)
  • Libelous, defamatory or other content we deem offensive
  • Racial, prejudicial, discriminatory, derogatory or other hateful subject matter
  • Images of, or that portray the likeness of, celebrities, actors, musicians, athletes, public figures, politicians or other famous people
  • Images of money/currency from any country
  • Personal or corporate information including, but not limited to, account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), Social Security/Tax ID numbers, phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses (e.g., www.123.com), email addresses and social media addresses (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Images that interfere with the security features of the card or result in rejection or problems at point of sale

​Upload Requirements

To upload images to the M&T Custom Card Design Studio, please make sure ​​your images meet the following requirements:

  • The image you choose to upload must be saved to your computer's hard drive before uploading
  • Image files must be in one of these formats: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), Bitmap (.bmp), GIF (.gif), TIFF (.tiff) or PNG (.png) formats
  • The minimum file size is at least 50KB (kilobytes)
  • The maximum file size cannot exceed 10MB (megabytes)
  • Images must be at least 840 x 840 pixels in order to upload​​​

How To Get Information About Your Image Properties

Want to find out if you​​r image meets the above requirements?

  • PC Users. You can usually find file format, size and pixel dimensions by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Properties"
  • Mac Users. You can usually find pixel dimensions by clicking on the file and selecting "Get Info" (the method for finding this information may vary depending on your individual operating system)

​Tips for Best Image Size and Resolution

To get the be​​st image size and resolution, here are a few important tips that you may find helpful.

  • Small images may reproduce poorly when printed on your card
  • While in the design studio, if you increase the scale/size of your image too much, it may reproduce poorly when printed on your card
  • For best results, use larger images with higher resolutions
  • The time it takes for your image to upload depends on the size of your image and your Internet connection speed (larger images will take longer to upload)
  • ​If your image is excessively slow to upload, please contact your Internet service provider for assistance

​Need assistance?

If you have questions or need help with your image upload, please contact us:

M&T Debit Cardholders
Call the M&T Tele​​phone Banking Center at 1-800-724-2440.

M&T Business Debit Cardholders
Call the M&T Business Telephone Banking Center at 1-800-724-6070.​DIS-222*-DIS

M&T Credit Card Cardholders
Call the M&T Credit Card Support Team at 1-866-279-0888.






Get Started Today




FAQs - Custom Card

  • What is the M&T Custom Card?
  • The M&T Custom Card service gives you flexibility to upgrade the design of your M&T Debit Card, M&T Credit Card, M&T Secured Credit Card, M&T Business Credit Card or M&T Business Debit Card to reflect what's most important to you. It's your card that you can design your way. You can upload a photo or choose one from our image gallery for your card background.DIS-67-DIS

  • What are my M&T Custom Card design options?
  • ​You can customize the design of your card in two different ways. With the "Custom Background" template, you can upload a digital photo or choose one from our image gallery to showcase across the background of your card. With the "Identify Yourself" template, you can upload a digital photo of yourself in the upper right-hand corner of your card.

    NOTE: The "Identify Yourself" card is not a form of photo identification. There is no guarantee or expectation that merchants will use a photo on your card as an added form of security.

  • What is the cost to customize the design of my card?
  • ​There is no fee to customize your card.

  • Will my existing card work until my new Custom Card arrives?
  • ​Yes, your existing card will continue to work until your new Custom Card is received and activated. Your M&T account number, card number, expiration date (for Credit Cards only, Debit Cards will have a new expiration date) and PIN will remain the same. Please destroy your existing card once your replacement Custom Card is activated.

    Please note that your expiration date and CVV code will both change when customizing your new M&T Debit Card. It is important that any recurring purchase and payments are updated to reflect these changes.

  • What if my Custom Card is lost or stolen?
  • If your Custom Card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report the incident:

    • Log in to Online Banking and select Report a Lost or Stolen Card from the Services Menu
    • Log in to the M&T Mobile App, select Card Services from the Menu, and select Report a Lost or Stolen Card
    • Call 1-800-724-1552
    • Visit your local branch​

    Your new card will feature the same image as your most recent Custom Card.