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The way customers want to pay is changing

That’s why we offer credit card terminals and software that seamlessly integrate into your business—wherever the point of sale takes place. Whether you need a single POS terminal for a small business or a combination of devices for a large organization, our solutions are designed to help businesses like yours accept payments with preferred, modern solutions that help handle payments, inventory, pricing, and reporting.

On the go

Accept payments wherever you are on a phone or tablet. We provide a premier mobile payment acceptance experience for small businesses. Accept payments even when you can't access a wireless connection. 

In your store

Swap your traditional countertop cash register and credit card payment terminal with a modern, easy-to-use solution. 

At your computer

A merchant web dashboard allows you to accept payments when customer cards aren’t present. Reduce fraud and lower transaction fees with an Address Verification Service.

Partnering with payment industry leaders Ingenico, Verifone® and Pax, we offer payment processing options for every type of business: Cost-effective countertop terminals; Handheld POS devices and wireless terminals; All-in-one solutions for eCommerce, omni-channel sales, and inventory control; Lightweight, mobile payment devices to accept payments on a phone or tablet; Made-to-order bundles with smart hardware, security, and app marketplace.


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Top questions, answered by our experts

The fastest and easiest way to set up a credit card terminal is to work with a merchant services provider that can outfit you with all the POS software and hardware you need to begin accepting card payments. You’ll be able to choose from in-person and virtual terminal solutions that best fit your business’s needs.

To accept credit cards, you’ll need a card terminal, POS software, a payment gateway, a payment processor and a merchant account. When you accept a card payment—whether it’s a chip, swipe or contactless transaction—your card terminal does the job of capturing that payment data. A payment gateway seamlessly takes that payment information, encrypts it and safely routes it to the payment processor for authorization. Once the transaction is approved, the processor charges the customer and deposits the funds to your merchant account.

M&T can help you with a turnkey, customized solution. You’ll be able to accept payments anywhere, anytime and with any device.

Yes, a modern POS system will need an internet connection to pass payment information on to the credit card networks for processing.

Your business’s POS system is multifaceted. When you accept a card payment—whether it’s a chip, swipe or contactless transaction—your card reader does the job of capturing that payment data. That data can then be transferred via internet or Bluetooth to a POS app. The next step of getting that data from the app to the payment processor does require an internet connection.

Usually at the end of each business day, a merchant sends a batch of authorized credit card transactions to their payment processor. The processor then collects the money from the credit card issuer. And finally, the funds are deposited into the business’s merchant account.

POS systems include software and hardware components. Pieces of electronic hardware like a card reader, scanner, tablet or computer do the job of capturing payment information and transmitting that information for processing. A software application is the operating system that coordinates all the steps involved.

The right POS software can help your business do more than just accept payments. You can upgrade to a system that can do things like live inventory tracking, employee time management, sales reporting, customer information and, in the case of restaurants, menus.

M&T can assist with the installation and customization of both in-person POS software systems as well as mobile cloud-based systems that allow for remote connectivity. And we can help with the hardware that might be associated with new software, including cash drawers, barcode scanners or mobile POS terminals.

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