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M&T Bank has up-to-date tools and solutions to help you guard against the ever-evolving threat of fraud.

How to help prevent fraud in small businesses

Every day, small businesses are attacked by criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to steal critical information. Whether through an employee’s compromised business email account, malware installed on a company computer, credit card fraud, fake invoices or other evolving threats, your business is at risk if you don’t have an effective fraud detection and prevention strategy.

M&T has the expertise to help you protect your assets and your customers’ identity and financial information. Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices for processing credit card transactions, avoiding suspicious hyperlinks, paying invoices and much more.

Point-of-sale protection

Your business needs fraud prevention tools and technology that still allow for a smooth buying experience for your customer. M&T can partner with you by providing card-acceptance solutions like chip technology, PCI compliance and encryption and tokenization.

ACH Monitor

Choose from a combination of M&T services that can help you monitor and confirm critical ACH payments and reduce the likelihood of ACH payment fraud. Receive notifications when a payment requiring your attention is detected.

Prevent check fraud

M&T’s Payee Positive Pay service helps protect your organization against the risk of check fraud. We’ll compare checks presented for payment against your check issue file and notify you of any suspicious items.

Trustwave is a third-party service provider unaffiliated with M&T Bank. M&T Bank is not the provider of such services and is not responsible or liable for the delivery of such services.

Learn how to help your business thwart off fraud. Visit your local M&T branch or schedule an appointment.

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Business Education Portal

New methods of fraud emerge every day. Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices to mitigate your risk.

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