Treasury Management

Through M&T's relationship with the Royal Bank of Canada, you can access a number of professional services to streamline your accounting and help your business reach its goals.

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Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Express

The U.S. and Canadian banking systems are significantly different. In Canada, M&T Bank uses the Royal Bank of Canada’s RBC Express® platform for treasury management services. RBC Express is a powerful and flexible suite of online cash management services that’s designed for any size and type of business. 

Our specially trained Treasury Management Sales Consultants will work with you to implement effective solutions through RBC Express to help speed collections, manage disbursements, and facilitate cash flow management so you can seamlessly manage your cross-border banking needs.

​RBC Express Benefits 

  • Multi-user access to a suite of online banking and cash management services
  • The convenience of 24/7 access
  • The ability to see and manage all your companies and accounts on one screen, through a single sign-on
  • Scalability to grow with your business needs
  • Customizable features to reflect your business processes
  • Detailed reporting capabilities for account reconciliation, account monitoring and improved cash flow
  • Enhanced security, control and administrative features that let you manage employee usage and access

Reporting & Account Services  

We can help you choose the right cash services for your business needs. 

​Balance Reporting

Balance Reporting provides anytime, anywhere access to your business accounts and transactions so you can: 

  • Manage cash positions
  • Address overdrafts
  • Get a head start on chargebacks to your account
  • Reconcile statements 
  • Generate reports about account activity and positions

Account Transfers

Transfer money between your Canadian- and U.S.-dollar accounts with ease.

​Account Images

Receive faster, more convenient access to high quality, digitized images of paper-based transactions processed through your accounts, including electronic notices of chargebacks.

​Stop Payments

Place a stop payment order quickly and easily for cheques or Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) without visiting a bank branch or sending a fax.

​Incoming Wires Reporting

Simplify the process of account reconciliation with immediate, real-time access to critical information surrounding incoming wire payments credited to your Canadian accounts.

Payment & Receivables Management Options

Our flexible administration, multi-level access and approval system can easily be adapted to your business processes. 

​Bill Payments

Make your bill payments quickly – same day or post-dated – to over 5,000 corporate creditors. You can even schedule bill payments for times when the authorized person is not available and establish multiple authorizations for bill payments.

​Online Tax Filing

Save time with RBC Express Online Tax Filing so you can pay your GST, PST or HST remittances and payroll source deductions easier.

​Direct Deposits

Increase control over cash when payments are made, and potentially reduce your overall costs with ACH Direct Deposits for payroll disbursements, recurring trade payments, expense reimbursements and employee benefit payments. Payments can be made in both Canadian and U.S. dollars in Canada, and U.S. dollars in the United States.

​Direct Payments

ACH Direct Payments can help you to automatically collect recurring or periodic receivables in Canadian or U.S. dollars from consumers and businesses within Canada and in U.S. dollars within the U.S. 

  • Use for rental payments, membership fees, charitable donations and subscription fees 
  • Lower your costs by eliminating the need for manual cheque collection and deposit preparation 
  • Speed up your collection process, allowing for better forecasting and potentially lower borrowing costs

​Positive Pay

Positive Pay service reduces the risk of fraud resulting from stolen, altered or counterfeit cheques. In the event that a cheque presented for payment does not match the cheque issue file you submitted to M&T, an online image of the suspect cheque can be viewed for pay or return decisions. 

​Control & Administration Management

The control and administration features of RBC Express help provide your company a greater level of internal controls, fraud protection and peace of mind. 

​Security Features

In addition to individual user names and passwords, RBC Express protects your transactions with two-factor personal authentication and SecurID confirmation tokens.

Deposits with M&T Bank are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Deposits with M&T Bank Canada Branch are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.