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How To Refinance A Mortgage With M&T Bank

What M&T Bank takes very seriously is our commitment to fully understanding your financial situation. That's why the very first step in our process is getting to know you and your goals, allowing us to provide the best refinance recommendations at the lowest possible rates.

At M&T Bank you'll discover a refinancing process that is easy to understand and simple to navigate. See all 7 steps below, and get ready to refi!

We're Listening. No, Really Listening.

Get ready to share! Before you even start the refinancing process, we'll want to learn all about your current home-owning situation: What are your payments now? What is your overall financial situation? How about your goals? Give it to us straight; we can take it. At M&T Bank, we want to fully understand the needs of our customers. We're not being nosy – we just want you on the right refinancing path.

Leave No Option Behind

Now that we know you and your needs inside and out, we're here to guide you to the right selection based on your current needs and long-term goals. Whatever your refinance reasons are, we'll clearly explain the mortgage solutions available to help. With so many options available, we'll make sure you find your perfect refinancing match.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

After you've applied, we'll just need some documents from you to help get you to "done." The quicker we get the documents, the quicker we can process your paperwork. When it comes time to deliver, we deliver!

Let The Approval Process Begin!

"Feel-good" feelings may not come to mind when you think refinancing, but we'll do everything we can to make it happen. We're really good at the refinancing process. We'll take the time to carefully examine all your documents and get you credit-approved before you spend any of your hard earned cash on a credit report or appraisal. See, we look after you.

Get Your Money's Worth

It's time for your appraisal. Although, some streamline refinance programs offered by FHA and VA may not even require an appraisal to be completed. Once the appraisal is approved, you can start planning on how you're going to use all the money you'll be saving.

A Signature Or Two Then Done

Congratulations! We want this final step of the process to be the easiest of all. We'll coordinate delivery of your loan documents to an escrow officer or attorney near you for your review and a few signatures, or alternatively arrange for a mobile notary to meet you where and when you want.

M&T's Got Your Back!

You're done! But we're not. Even after you complete the refinancing process, our experts are always here for you. Whether you're considering remodeling, a new home, college planning or retirement, we're here to help. You're now part of the M&T Bank family and we'll be with you every step of the way!


Talk to an expert, utilize our easy loan wizard to explore products, rates and payments or get approved now.

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"An M&T Bank loan officer replied to my Internet request as I was looking to refinance my property. He was the most sincere and honest person to reply—and there were many. I am certainly glad I chose M&T and feel lucky there was a true professional to get me through."

- Joseph Y. , Seattle, WA.
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