Multicultural Small Business Accelerator Program

At M&T Bank, we believe multicultural small businesses are an integral part of our communities.  We are committed to the growth and success of these businesses. 

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Program Highlights

The M&T Bank Multicultural Small Business Accelerator Program is an intensive weeks-long program designed to develop a diverse set of businesses. The Lab promotes business and financial inclusion through empowerment, providing owners with access to information, tools, resources, and connections they need to grow and thrive. Participants are presented with tools and opportunities to increase their visibility, accelerate their business, and achieve success.

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Creating a Business Plan

Learn what it takes to create an effective business plan through discussion on setting goals, knowing your industry, what finances you have in place, and much more!

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All About Credit

Curious about credit and how it can affect your business? As part of M&T Multicultural Small Business Accelerator Program, we will dive into the importance of credit, accessing capital and how you package your credit application.

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Marketing & Branding

Learn how to make your business stand-out among the competition through an in-depth discussion on branding and marketing so you can be prepared to get the word out on your diverse business. 

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Pitch Tips

You have everything that you need to scale and grow your business, but your business needs funding. As part of the series, we will provide you tips and tricks when presenting to potential investors. Learn how to present with ease and how to make your business plan shine.

Cash Prize Pitch Competition

Once course work is finalized, all participants will have the opportunity to participate in Phase I of the competition and present their business proposal. A select few, based on judging criteria, will be asked to proceed to Phase II where they will have a chance to win cash prizes. 


We are continually looking at new areas to have our next Multicultural Small Business Accelerator Program.

Yes, you must be the principal owner of the business and reside within the program area.

Yes, you must be a resident of the program area and the principal owner. 

No, only three identified finalists will receive a cash prize following the live pitch competition.

Highlights From Previous Events

About M&T Multicultural Banking

At M&T, we understand that the needs and desires that our Multicultural communities have are distinctive. We are committed to meeting those unique needs, whether you are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, an immigrant, refugee, LGBTQ+, a person with different abilities, or a combination. Here at M&T, we celebrate you and empower you with the financial tools and resources you need to thrive. We are investing in the growth and sustainability of our diverse small business and communities.