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Plan for a child's education

Many parents and grandparents want to help the next generation succeed. Our advisors can assist you. Schedule a complimentary college savings consultation.

What will a bachelor's degree cost in the future?

A baby born today, who enters a four-year institution in 2041 is expected to pay this amount for their degree.{{d1105*}}


for a private college


for an in-state public college

Our planning goal is to help you save early and save smart.

We always start with a focus on you.

As part of your comprehensive review, we will discuss:

  • Your college funding goals
  • How you're presently saving for your child's higher education
  • The types of schools your child may want to attend

We'll build a flexible college savings strategy.

You'll have options to consider:

  • College savings plans that cover educational costs
  • Trust strategies that can be used for any expense
  • Scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs

We'll analyze and adjust the strategy as needed.

Using our WealthGoals financial simulation technology, we will look at: 

  • Future education costs
  • How likely your current college funding plan will reach your goals
  • Ways to adjust your plan to better position yourself for success

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Learn about the latest tax-efficient and flexible choices to save for your child's future. There's no cost or obligation.

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Choose from plans that pay educational expenses.

529 Plans.{{d1117*}} These plans offer tax-free earnings growth and withdrawals when used to pay for qualified education expenses. You may gain tax advantages by making qualified contributions to the plan.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. An ESA is a trust or custodial account that provides tax-deferred earnings growth and tax-free withdrawals when used to pay for qualified education expenses.

Financial Aid. This includes scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs that can help your child pay higher education costs in the United States.

Select from choices that give you flexibility and control.

UTMA and UGMA Uniform Transfers Act and Gifts to Minors.

These custodial accounts enable parents to save and maintain full control of money for their children without creating a trust. Even though these options feature limited tax benefits, they can be used for any expense.

Trust.{{d1118*}} A trust can be ideal for parents who want to set provisions as to how money is spent and under what conditions.


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