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Be prepared with anti-fraud technology

Save your business and customers from experiencing frustration and potential money loss by using the latest technologies designed to deter credit card fraud. With no account numbers in the payment environment, stolen data becomes unusable for hackers.

Tokenization as a valuable tool

Tokenization replaces sensitive card data with a unique, randomly generated number known as a token. This way, the token – not the credit card number – is stored in your system. Because the token replaces the card number for the life of the transaction, it is more secure.

Understanding encryption

Encryption transforms credit card numbers into a non-readable form through the use of an algorithm. For card terminals provided by M&T Bank, which come with built-in encryption tools, the process is automatic.  

Act fast to mitigate loss

Companies with data security issues face brand and reputation damage, loss of customer confidence, and financial liability and litigation. Encryption and tokenization help avoid all that, working seamlessly in your systems to limit disruption to your business. 

Key features

Fight back against hackers and malicious software. Payment card numbers are scrambled during the transaction with the latest encryption technology. Afterward, card data is replaced with tokens, storing only non-sensitive information in your systems.

Protect your brand and bottom line. Customers aren't the only ones who suffer when you face a data breach. Brand damage, loss of customer confidence, financial liability and litigation are all potential outcomes. By thwarting hackers, you're also helping protect a priceless asset: your reputation.

Limit business disruptions. In most cases, encryption and tokenization are compatible with existing terminals. This feature often makes installation as easy as the flip of a switch.

Cover most transaction types. Card present, card not present, e-commerce, virtual terminals – encryption and tokenization reduce nearly all transaction types.

Limit your PCI-DSS Scope. By removing cardholder data from your payment environment, encryption and tokenization reduce your responsibilities for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance, the card industry standard for payment data security.


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Top questions, answered by our experts

Tokenization is a means of masking sensitive credit card information so that it can’t be intercepted by cybercriminals. Tokenization replaces credit card data with a randomly generated surrogate value during processing.

Tokenized payments are used primarily to combat online credit card fraud. Payments can be authorized, settled and funded without revealing the information a criminal would need to make a fraudulent transaction. An alternative to tokenization is encryption, which scrambles card numbers into a non-readable form. Using either tokenization or encryption is a key component of any effective cybersecurity.

Help protect your customers’ card data and minimize your risk of loss. Merchants who work with M&T are automatically enrolled in our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Advance program.{{d578*}} Get an external vulnerability scan, access to an online compliance reporting portal, 24/7 live technical support, breach protection of up to $100,000 per incident and much more.

Tokenization and encryption both mask credit card information, but they do it in different ways. Tokenization replaces card data with a randomly generated surrogate value. Encryption uses an algorithm to scramble card numbers into a non-readable form. Both security measures allow credit card payments to be processed without revealing sensitive information to cybercriminals.

Choosing the right cybersecurity setup is an important step for any business accepting credit cards online. Factors like your processing volume will determine the best choice between tokenization and encryption. Some cases may require both methods to be used in tandem. M&T has the tools to help you do either or both.

New methods of fraud emerge every day. Your business needs credit card fraud prevention tools and technology that still allow for a smooth buying experience for your customers. M&T Bank Merchant Services can provide up-to-date solutions for card acceptance security, chip technology, PCI compliance, tokenization and encryption.

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