ACH Account Number Masking (UPIC)

Help fight against fraudulent ACH transactions by using a unique Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC®) number when you do business with vendors and other parties.

A Better Way to Make Electronic Payments  

A Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC) is an account identifier service provided by M&T, which adds another layer of security to your electronic ACH transactions. It masks your sensitive banking information, such as your M&T direct deposit account (DDA) number, from those making ACH payments to your business.

Enhanced Security that Helps Prevent Debit Transactions

Without UPIC, all someone needs to initiate an unauthorized ACH debit payment is your account number and bank routing/transit number. With UPIC, your sensitive information is hidden from view, helping to reduce exposure and access to your data. Your UPIC can be used for business-to-business credit transactions – no ACH debits or withdrawals can be made against your UPIC number and any such attempt would be blocked and returned to the sender.

​Increased Confidence to Leverage ACH Efficiencies

With your account information concealed by your UPIC number, you can feel comfortable expanding your use of ACH payments to take advantage of all of the time- and cost-saving benefits associated with them – including reductions in paper, postage, errors (due to less manual handling), float time and more.

How to Request a UPIC

To learn more, or to enroll in the service, call 1-800-724-2240 to speak to one of our Commercial Service Team Representatives, Monday—Friday, 8am–6pm ET, or contact your M&T Relationship Manager.

As soon as we have provided you with a UPIC, you can let other businesses know that they should start using it for ACH credits to your account. We will then route all UPIC transactions though the ACH system, validate them, and credit your account.

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