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Refinance Your Mortgage And Get Back That Lovin' Feeling

When you refinance, you can put the power of your home to work for you by selecting new mortgage terms, interest rates and monthly payment options. Think of refinancing as a second honeymoon.

M&T Bank is here to help. We offer an array of refinancing options that can help revitalize your current situation and help you fall in love with your house all over again.

Wondering if a refinance is right? We know a low interest rate is probably at the top of your mind – ours too. But, there are five additional factors besides rates that you should consider:

Monthly Payments

When it comes to refinancing, it's important to consider your monthly payments. Not just the mortgage, but all of your monthly bills. The right refinance could help reduce, consolidate or even eliminate them – lowering your total monthly outgo!

Cash Flow

As refinance experts, we can suggest the best ways to put your home equity to use! Maybe a little home fix-up is in order, or paying off credit cards or even funding a college savings plan. Once we know your goals, we can help you achieve them.


Some lenders tend to focus on just the transaction – not you. At M&T Bank, we look at the bigger picture. As you collaborate with one of our loan experts, don't be surprised when topics such as retirement plans or other milestones come up. Knowing your plan helps us tailor the ideal mortgage term.

Tax Benefits

With mortgage interest, property taxes, and mortgage insurance potentially being tax-deductible, we'll take into account how these deductions may optimize your savings when refinancing! (Always remember to consult your tax adviser.)

Payment Deferment

You may have heard that you get to skip a mortgage payment or two with every refinance – well, not exactly. Typically, there is a gap between when your existing mortgage is paid off and when your new mortgage payments begin – affording you a little break. Spend it wisely!

We'll consider all these factors and more when determining the best refinancing options for you. Still not sure? Talk to an expert, utilize our easy loan wizard to explore products, rates and payments or get approved now.

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Homeowners Just Love
M&T Bank

“I am completely satisfied with this refinance with M&T Bank. I have already suggested to a friend that he
contact M&T Bank for his possible refinance. We had no problems with this procedure and were very impressed with our loan officer's professionalism and the speed and ease of the entire process.”

- Tien D., Beaverton, OR.
M&T Bank Keeps Refinancing a Mortgage Simple | M&T Bank