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Closing On Your Home Loan

What happens at the mortgage closing?

Think of the mortgage closing as putting "form" back into formality. You're this close to kicking back in your new home. All you need is to close the deal. It's a real estate closing so this will probably happen at a title company or an attorney's office. You'll have a chance for a peek at…

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Closing Costs: When do I find out how much I need?

It's almost closing time — you've found the property, negotiated a sales price, documented your down payment, received approval for a loan and are set to sign the papers. Now all you need to know is the dollar amount – the final closing costs. A few days before the big day, you'll get a detailed…

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Do I need a real estate attorney representing me at closing?

In some parts of the country, it's completely normal to have a real estate attorney present during the mortgage closing process. In fact, in some places it's required by law. But in others, it's more common for an escrow officer to facilitate the closing process. To find out what you should do, contact your loan…

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Can I get advance copies of the closing documents?

Buying a house is a big deal, and we want to make sure you're prepared to sign on the dotted line. Before you sign your closing documents, you'll be able to read some of the most important documents before your mortgage closing process. Depending on a few factors, M&T Bank will have the Note, the…

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I can't attend the closing. Are there any other options?

If for some reason you can't attend the final huzzah of your mortgage closing process in person, notify your loan adviser as soon as possible. That way, we can plan for alternative signing options. M&T Bank uses a nationwide mobile notary closing service. Whether you are traveling on business or visiting a family member out-of-state,…

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Where does the mortgage closing take place?

You've found the house, been approved and even planned a bit of the decorating. Now you just need to know where to go for the mortgage closing? Don't worry. Once you've got this far, it's easy to get closure on this. Depending on where you live, we'll arrange for your closing to take place at…

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